Cremained Ashes in Glass Jewelry
Established in 2010
Once received at our studio, the vial you have filled with cremains and the copy of the order form will be placed in a bin in the order in which we receive it. The extra barcode sticker you send back in the "Indestructo" box will be stuck on the outside of the bin.

Each order is completed separately and the working surface is cleaned thoroughly. To make a bead, first a small amount of glass is gathered around a mandrel. Then the glass is heated enough that the cremains will stick to it. Another layer of glass is carefully added on top suspending the cremains in glass. The glass is then shaped into a bead and placed in a kiln where it will anneal. This process is complete when the glass is cooled down to room temperature.

The glass order is placed in the bin and then taken to the jewelry making station. Again, each order is completed separately, packaged and placed in the box it will be shipped in.